There have been Wild Storms on the Meadow this last week. In the morning the skies were blue but by mid-afternoon giant clouds come rolling in from the west full of thunder and lightning.

Snoopy, the leader of the Meadow dogs, is the first to know a storm is coming. He can smell it in the air! Old dogs are clever in this way.

He teaches the young pups that storms can be dangerous. He tells young Freddie, “Thunder is made by the giant Thunder Dogs high up in the clouds.”

All the Meadow animals take cover from the storm. We don’t want to be struck by lightning! We come into our shed for an early dinner of lucerne hay and the chickens come running into their coop. Chickens just hate getting wet!

Snoopy calls out to all the Meadow dogs. “Hurry up! Hurry up! You MUST find shelter now!” Maximo comes running through the gates just in time and follows into the stables. Snoopy is really afraid of storms but pretends to be brave so the little pups feel safe.  While Kipper and Maximo hide in the blankets, Snoopy asks if they can all have something nice to eat. Snoopy loves to see his dog family happy and safe and tucking into a nice dinner. Having something yummy to eat can take your mind off scary thunder!

While the storm rages outside Oscar keeps a look-out. It is his very first storm and thinks it is all very exciting. He tells Freddie, “I’m not afraid of the Thunder Dogs! I will growl and growl at them and chase them all away!”

When the thunder and lightning finally pass over, the Meadow dogs run out of the stable with grinning faces and wagging tails. They are excited to see what the Meadow is like after the storm. Everything is amazing after a storm, especially the sunsets!

Have you ever been in a big storm? Were you afraid?

Ryan O’Brien