There’s a new horse on the Meadow and all the Meadow ponies are very excited.  His name is Seni Luis and he has come all the way from Spain. He is a beautiful mahogany brown in color and has a long shiny black mane and tail.

He is a clever dressage horse and often travels away to competitions. I have explained to Monty Malone that dressage is just like dancing!

Janice Usherwood loves to ride Seni Luis. She says he is “an amazing little horse”.  And Luis loves being ridden by her. He always has a big smile on his face and loves treats of carrots and sugar cubes.

This morning, Luis went off to a dressage competition in Sydney. While Janice brushed out his beautiful tail, Monty Malone, Ravel and I watched on. He said “hello” to me and I wished him good luck! He said he would tell us all about the competition when he got home.

This is how his day turned out!

When he arrived at the competition, Janice plaited his mane and saddled him up.  Then, after a nice warm up, Luis sailed around the competition arena like a ballet dancer! He had two competitions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the break in between, Luis and Janice both had a rest. Luis gobbled up every last bit of his hay while Janice cuddled her two dogs Billie and Margaret Rose.

When Luis arrived home he was tired but happy. He loves being a fancy dressage horse but most of all he loves living on the Meadow, rolling in the grass and rubbing noses with his best friend Risotto who lives in the paddock alongside. Risotto was even waiting for him at the gate!

Welcome home, Seni Luis! It’s good to have such a nice new friend !

Ryan O’Brien