Tuxedo Junction is 34 years old, which is very, very old for a horse.  He loves his lucerne hay, his nice warm rug, napping on sunny days and nibbling on a sweet carrot. Most of all he loves his Peace and Quiet.

The Meadow ponies and Meadow dogs understand that Tuxedo Junction needs his Peace and Quiet – except for Freddie! Freddie is noisy and mischievous and always wants to play. He won’t leave Tuxedo Junction alone!

When Tuxedo Junction is just having a nice quiet think about things Freddie won’t stop yapping away!

When Tuxedo Junction is fast asleep Freddie rushes up and barks at him, “Wake up! Wake up, Mr Tuxedo! Come and play!”

When Tuxedo is enjoying a nice carrot Freddie watches on, just waiting, waiting for Tuxedo to drop it so he can run off with it! Freddie loves being a carrot thief!

Even though Tuxedo Junction finds Freddie annoying he is a kind old horse and wants to teach Freddie how to be respectful. Tuxedo Junction decided today was a good day to start!

Tuxedo asked Freddie, “Are you ready to learn about Respect, Freddie?” Freddie was very excited. He asked “Does Respect smell good? Is Respect good to eat? Can I chase it? Is it a game?”

Tuxedo smiled and said, “No little Freddie! Respect is not something you can smell or eat!  It is definitely NOT a game! Respect is a feeling and a special way of caring for each other. It is looking out and listening out for each other. You are young and love to bark and leap and play. I am old and need to lie down a lot and have quiet time. Respect is about understanding that we are different. Do you think you are ready to learn some Respect?

Freddie said he was probably ready to learn some Respect  so Tuxedo Junction got up and took him to visit the Magic Horses on the Hill. Tuxedo told Freddie to place his paw upon the Magic Horse and make a promise. Freddie promised to let Tuxedo rest  and  he promised not to steal his carrots. Most importantly he promised to show Tuxedo some Respect!  Tuxedo Junction said, “Well done, little pup! Now off you go and play with Oscar and Maximo. They love playing puppy games with you!”

Freddie ran off and rumbled and tumbled with his friends.  He played Puppies in Bean Bags with Oscar and My Tongue is Pinker than Your Tongue with Maximo. But before long he spied the hens having a nice scratch in the garden. He was about to begin his usual game of chicken chasing when he remembered Respect and the promise he had made to Tuxedo Junction and the Magic Horses on the Hill. “Oh dear!” he said to himself. “It’s not easy being good!” For the first time ever he let the chickens walk right on by, then went back to a brand new game of “Pretend To Eat My Legs” with Maximo.

At the end of the day I told Freddie he was a very well behaved little pup and was learning how to show Respect to all the creatures, who lived on the Meadow. I congratulated Oscar too so that he didn’t feel jealous or left out.

Have you learnt all about Respect?

Ryan O’Brien