It’s lovely having Ravel back home but not everyone is happy.Monty Malone is feeling upset because Ravel has become the center of attention and everyone wants to play with him and everyone is saying how clever and handsome he is.

Kathleen rides Ravel every second day and Pippy insists Ravel  stay with her most of the time. She won’t let him out of her sight and whinnies after him whenever he leaves her side.  Mimi La Boom follows Ravel everywhere begging him to play with her and Monty wants to play wrestling games with me in the sand arena! I love wrestling games because I am the champion sand wrestler on the Meadow! Sometimes being small gives you a very big advantage! Of course there are rules to follow in sand-wrestling. No Biting! No Kicking! No Hurting! And ALWAYS you must congratulate the winner with a big smile when the match is over!

Little Monty  tried to join in all the games but Ravel chased him and chased him until he was so tired he couldn’t run anymore. Oh dear! Ravel has grown up in many, many ways but he can still be naughty sometimes!!

Tuxedo Junction saw that little Monty Malone was feeling lonely and had a chat with him.  “Don’t worry, my dear little friend,” he said to Monty. “Just because Ravel has gone to school in Canyonleigh and learnt how to carry a human on his back doesn’t mean he is all grown up. He still has a long way to go!  I will look after you and make sure Ravel plays nicely with you!”

Monty said, “Thankyou, Tuxedo Junction. I would love to hang out with you for a while and have some gentle time.” And that’s exactly what he did.

It’s wonderful having someone as wise and good as Tuxedo Junction to care for us all!

Ryan O’Brien.