On Wednesday afternoon Kathleen and Edie drove over to Canyonleigh to pick up Ravel from Bruce Greenslade’s place. They took Pippy along in the big white horse float so that Ravel would have some company on the long bumpy drive home.

Bruce said Ravel was a very nice little horse and had learnt many things in the time he had been at his place for training. He had learnt how to wear a saddle, bridle and coat, and carry a rider on his back. He had learnt how to ride out along the roads and through the bush. He had even met a mob of large grey kangaroos and had not been too afraid of them. Bruce rode Ravel around the sandy work arena to show what he could do.

When it was time to go Ravel couldn’t wait to get into the horse float. He realized his mother, Pippy, was in the float and he was just dying to see her again, nuzzle her and tell her all about his adventures in Canyonleigh.

Back at home we all listened out for the sound of the blue Landcruiser and white horse float returning down the Meadow drive. As soon as dogs started howling out “They’re coming! They’re coming!” I galloped back towards the stables to greet Ravel.

As Ravel climbed off the float, Mimi la Boom, Monty Malone and I were lined up at the fence. We whinnied to him and he whinnied back to us at least seven times. How he had grown! he looked so handsome!

Welcome home Ravel! Welcome home to the Meadow!

Ryan O’Brien.