A month ago we were struggling through the mud and now it’s happening again! For ten days now the rain has been pouring down. It is freezing cold and we haven’t seen the sun at all. The world is black and dreary. The creek is flooded, the paddocks are sodden and the lovely old wattle tree has fallen over into the creek. There is a roar in the air like the sound of a train. It is the sound of the giant waterfall at Fiztroy Falls, which is only a kilometre away from our little Meadow. All the rain of the Southern Highlands is falling down the mountains to to the sea! The chickens are cooped up in the coop feeling very bored and we have to pick our hay off the slimy, slimy, mud. We have tried to cheer each other up but it just hasn’t worked. We are all so miserable! The only jolly creature on the Meadow is Martin, the blue crane, who loves to gobble up the juicy worms that try to wiggle across the grass.

But we are very lucky here on the Meadow because the Meadow folk really care for us. They come out in their raincoats several times a day to check on us to make sure we are healthy and in no danger from the flood waters. They are always ready to listen to us when we have something important to ask .

Monty Malone asked very politely if the Meadow ponies could have an extra special lunch of yummy pellets served in buckets. “We do so want something yummy and dry to cheer us up!” he said.  Soon we were all happily deep in our buckets, dreaming about sunny days!

Old Painter and Breezy McCue marched right up to the fence and asked for some nice dry lucerne hay and were very, very happy when it was served up almost straight away! Old Painter said “Thankyou, very much!”

Because his yard was completely under water Arthur McHale McHopp was allowed  to come into the laundry and sat on the shoe-shelf above the hot-air gas vent.  As his wet fur dried in the jet of warm air he said,“How lucky I am!”

Even the cows in the back paddock had special delivery of hay, because the flood waters had cut them off from good grazing.

While we are waiting for the sun to shine it’s lovely having special treats. And it’s so good to know that there is someone looking after us.

Have you ever felt all cooped up and miserable and needed some cheering up?

Ryan O’Brien