Wet, wintry days are so miserable. We huddle together in our sheds eating lucerne hay and hoping, hoping, hoping that the rain will soon stop. Little Monty Malone gets very impatient and even a little upset when he can’t go out to play.

The Meadow dogs stay nice and dry in the stables and play on their pile of blankets.

When the rain finally stops we all go out into the small paddocks to stretch our legs and nibble grass. We laugh at each other because we all look so terrible! We are so wet and hairy. We are the muddy, Meadow ponies! Pippy tries to tell the humans that she should wear a rug to keep her clean and dry!

Rain brings the birds out onto the Meadow. The currawongs find juicy worms on the rain-soaked lawns and Grandfather walks across from his house to let the chickens out of their coop so they can have a bit of fun!

Snoopy, the leader of the Meadow dogs, looks outside and decides it is dry enough for the dogs to come out of the stable.  Freddie wants to chase the chickens but Maximo tells him that chasing chickens is not allowed and takes him to play Autumn leaf games instead. Freddie asks, “How do you play with autumn leaves?” and Maximo shows him what to do. He scratches and kicks the leaves to make them fly through the air! Maximo looks after little Freddie so nicely now! Do you remember how he used to be so jealous of him?

The very best thing about rainy days is when the sun finally breaks through the clouds, painting the skies in gold and turquoise.

I love living on the Meadow! Do you have a place that you love very much?

Ryan O’Brien.