April days on the Meadow are green and gold. The dogs dream in the gentle Autumn sun and the black and white currawongs find juicy worms in fresh mown lawns.

Everyone is happy except for Pippy. Her son, Ravel, has been away at Bruce Greenslade’s farm at Canyonleigh to be educated and Pippy misses him very much. I tell her that Ravel is old enough to leave home and reassure her that he will come home soon. I tell her that when Ravel returns he will know how to carry a human on his back and will be much better behaved!

We cheer her up by taking her far across the creek to graze in grasses so tall they tickle our tummies! We watch the wild wood ducks swim up and down and look out for the red-bellied black snakes basking in warm places.

At the end of the day, Kathleen calls us home for dinner. Pippy has the sharpest ears and is always the first to gallop across the bridge. She is fast as the wind. We come trotting along behind, the setting sun showering Mimi and I in gold.

We are all looking forward to Ravel coming home. Even though he can be a little naughty and rough we love him very much.  Come home soon, Ravel!

Ryan O’Brien