Oh dear! Monty Malone is a very good Meadow pony, but sometimes he is just too adventurous. He likes to go into sheds, across creeks, under hedges and through fences.

On Friday afternoon he got into real trouble. In the late afternoon, we all came running into the yards to have our dinner of lucerne hay and oats, but Monty Malone was nowhere to be seen! All the Meadow ponies, Meadow dogs and Meadow humans called out to him, “Monty Malone, where are you?” Eventually, Kathleen found him stuck between the fence and the hedgerow. We don’t know how he got in there but he certainly didn’t know how to get out!

Kathleen had to get a freshly sharpened bush saw to cut through the hardwood rail. Then she turned little Monty Malone around and pushed him out through the opening she had made. Kathleen was exhausted and her arms were covered in a rash, because she was allergic to the hedge trees.

Monty Malone, however, was not at all upset and didn’t know what all the fuss was about! When he came back to the yards he told me that the grass in the hedgerow was very yummy and that he didn’t mind getting stuck because he knew everyone on the Meadow was very kind. He said,“there will always be someone to help me get unstuck!”