Poor little Mimi La Boom was very sick today and all the Meadow ponies, Meadow dogs and Meadow folk were worried about her.

We first realized that Mimi was sick when she started rolling and rolling on her back with her little legs kicking up in the air. We knew she wasn’t playing because she looked very unhappy and was groaning and groaning. Then Mimi walked away from us and went down to the far paddock by the creek. She was feeling so sick she wanted to be by herself.

The Meadow folk went looking for her and found her hiding in the long grasses. They said she had “colic” which is a very bad tummy ache. Mimi kept turning around to look at her tummy, which was her way of saying, “Please help me! My tummy is very sore!”

The vet brought special medicine to help Mimi. First of all she had some special paste to help stop her tummy ache and then she had an injection of medicine to help her tummy relax.

While we waited for her to get better, the Meadow folk and Meadow dogs were very kind to her. Little Freddie, the Chihuahua pup with the very long legs, came right up to Mimi and said, “Get better soon, Mimi! We love you very much!”

The Meadow folk gave her the biggest hugs and said, “You are such a brave little pony, Mimi! We also love you very much!”

After a while her tummy felt better and she was able to come back to the home paddock where we were all waiting for her. Monty Malone was so excited to see her again. He had missed her very much indeed! He said special kind things to her.

Mimi was very tired and thirsty and spent the afternoon resting by the water trough.

By the evening she was back to her old self again and we were all so happy!

Have you ever been sick? What was it like? And who looked after you?

Ryan O’Brien