Maxi Meets A Very Big Dog

Yesterday a big dark brown dog with a long tail wandered onto the Meadow. He told the Meadow dogs he had just moved in across the road and wanted to make some new friends. He said his name was Tornado.

Maximo was afraid of the new dog because he looked so tough and strong. Maximo thought Tornado might bite them all and knock them to the ground. Kipper and Snoopy told him not to worry.  KIpper said, “ just because the new dog has a wild name like “Tornado” doesn’t mean he is a nasty dog.”

Maximo decided to be brave and invited Tornado to hang out with him. Maximo  followed him around all afternoon and admired his very, very, fine tail.

At the end of the day the Meadow dogs settled down to sleep on their mountain of blankets and spoke about their new friend,Tornado. Maximo said that maybe, one night, Tornado could have a sleepover with them. Snoopy, who usually makes all the important decisions said that this would be a good idea, once they had got to know Tornado a little better.