What an exciting day it’s been on the Meadow!

After a week of fierce winds, which brought branches of the ally-way trees crashing to the ground, the wind finally dropped. Just as well!

Today the beautiful, shining Melbourne Cup, the trophy of the most famous race in Australia, was coming to the Bong Bong racetrack so that the Highland people could look at it, get very excited, cheer and clap their hand and the Highland horses could parade and perform, showing everyone how clever horses can be.

Our very own Meadow horse, Seni Luis, was invited to dance at the Bong Bong Melbourne Cup celebration.

Luis had his usual breakfast of lucerne hay and Risotto, his best friend, wished him “Good Luck!” Then he climbed onto the horse-float for the fifteen-minute trip to Bong Bong.  There he performed a beautiful dance to Spanish music while the Highland folk looked on. Hooray for Seni Luis!

Afterwards Luis stopped and had a chat to the other horses who had performed. He loved hanging around at the end of the day, just relaxing and listening to what the other horses had to say. He told them that he had come from Spain but enjoyed living in Australia. He told them that he liked carrots and sugar, thought kangaroos looked very fierce and definitely didn’t like black cows!

When Luis arrived home he had a nice hose down at the wash bay. Monty Malone had lots of questions to ask him. He told Luis that he dreamt of being a famous performing pony one day. Monty Malone said he was going to start practicing right now and that’s exactly what he did! Luis said “Well done, Monty! Your trotting is VERY good!”

Luis told him that performing at Bong Bong was fun but he loved rolling on the Meadow much more. He said that rolling was like dancing on your back!  He even showed Monty a special trick. It was called “Sitting On Your Bottom Like a Dog”. Monty was very impressed and tried to do it too!

Do you dream of being a performer one day? Or do you like to just have fun?

Ryan O’Brien.