This morning the Meadow dogs ran across the lawns barking excitedly! “Lisa is coming! Lisa is coming!” they said.

Lisa is a very good friend to all the Meadow dogs and Meadow humans but she is a VERY, VERY special friend to us Meadow Ponies! And now she has come back to the Meadow to ride young Ravel.

We have not seen Lisa for a long, long time because she has been very busy back home in Wingello looking after her little baby boy, Joseph Riley Spackman.  Joseph Riley Spackman is a very good little baby, but like all babies he needs all his mummy’s attention, just like a newborn baby foal!  Lisa has had no time to do her study or her work or go shopping or swimming and definitely no time to ride horses. Until today! Finally little Joe is old enough to come and watch his mummy ride horses!

First of all Lisa gave Little Joe his lunch. Maximo wanted some too but Lisa explained to Maximo that he wouldn’t like the taste of banana custard mousse desert!

Then Lisa brought Ravel up to the stables. She brushed him, saddled him and put his bridle on. When Ravel took the bit in his mouth she gave him a sugar cube as a treat. Yum! Ravel loves sugar!

Next she led Ravel into the sand arena and gave him a lunge so he could stretch his legs and get his muscles all nicely warmed up for the ride. Then she gave him a ride, teaching him to relax his back and swing his lovely long legs.

We all stood on the little hill next to the arena and watched young Ravel.  As they rode past we cheered them on. “Go Ravel! Go Lisa! Well done, Ravel! Well done, Lisa!” we called out.

All the while little Joe watched on patiently from the side of the arena. He had a rattle to play with, little rice biscuits to eat and Kathleen sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to him. The Meadow dogs thought that Little Joe was just like a little puppy in a pram and took it in turns to sit on the green mounting block and keep him company. Snoopy was best at being a nanny.

When the ride was over Lisa thanked us all for looking after Little Joe. As she dismounted she almost fell over!  Her legs were all wobbly and fobbly, because she hadn’t ridden for a long time! She burst into laughter and Ravel laughed along as well, even though he didn’t quite know why he was laughing. You don’t really need a reason to laugh, do you!

Before Lisa went home she put Ravel’s purple rug back on and gave him one more sugar cube and a nice thank you pat. She told Pippy that she is a very good mummy indeed and that she should be proud of her son Ravel.

Do you have a very busy mummy who is trying to find the time to do something special and fun?

Ryan O’Brien