Everyone has been very busy today on the Meadow, except for little Monty Malone who spent all morning basking in the beautiful Spring sunshine!

Margaret and Sally decided it was a perfect day to give Tuxedo Junction a nice tidy up. First they brushed out his shaggy winter coat and then they gave him a bath. Jacob gathered up all the hair that had fallen to the ground. There was such a lot of it!

Jacob, who is starting school next year, wants to learn everything about horses!  He carefully brushed Risotto’s mane and then he watched on while Tony Priestly trimmed my hooves. Tony was very kind and showed Jacob how to use the tools. After my feet were trimmed it was time for Jacob to have his riding lesson.

At the very start Sally made sure my girth was nice and tight so the saddle wouldn’t slip! Then Jacob practiced trotting on the lunge rope. He can now do two different trots – a sitting trot and a rising trot. He is also learning to balance in the saddle with his arms stretched out and he can ride me around the arena on his own! It is not easy learning to ride but Jacob is determined not to give up!

At the end of the ride Jacob said, “Thank you, Ryan O’Brien” and gave me a delicious carrot. And then the fun started!

Sally and Jacob gave me a wonderful bath! They scrubbed and scrubbed until I was covered in suds and then they started flicking the soap-suds at each other, giggling and dancing around! After my bath Jacob let me loose in the small paddock so I could roll on the grass. What a wonderful feeling!

I think that Jacob loves learning all about ponies.  And I love teaching him everything I know! Do you love learning?

Ryan O’Brien