The Meadow folk have decided that little Freddie should have a friend his own age to keep him company, especially on those icy, wintry winter days when it is far too cold for  Freddie to venture out with the big Meadow dogs across the paddocks. Freddie has to go into the house on those days and sits alone on the big, brown leather sofa.

So they looked up “chihauhau puppies” on the Internet and found a little 4 month old pup in Narellan Vale, which was not far from the Meadow. Maureen, his breeder, said his name was Oscar. She said he was the runt of the litter and was very timid. Oscar arrived very late last night, so we only got to have a good look at him this morning!

What a funny little thing he is! He is even smaller than Freddie! His hair is charcoal-colored, shaggy and soft, with caramel-colored stripes across his chest and he has a face like a miniature wolf!

In truth, Kipper, Snoopy and Maximo are a little shocked to have yet another puppy moving in on the Meadow, but they have decided not to be jealous dogs. They realise it is fun having puppies on the Meadow and they know that little puppies need looking after. Besides, having puppies around makes them feel important!

Snoopy can’t quite believe that Oscar is a real dog because he is so small. He is following him around sniffing at him as though he might be good to eat!  Oscar gets upset and barks sharply,  “I am a real dog, Snoopy! Please believe me!”  Snoopy says, “I am only following you because I want to look after you!”

Freddie is overjoyed to have a new little best friend. He tells Oscar that because he came to the Meadow first he knows everything and he is the boss!” Oscar says “OK. I don’t mind. You can be the boss.” Oscar seems to know a lot already. He is very good at playing “Stick!”

Even though Freddie and Oscar have decided to be best friends their fun games can easily turn into fighting games. They play nicely for a while but it soon turns into an argument! When this happens Maximo steps in and distracts them. He says, “Now, now, little pups. Enough of that! Come follow me and we’ll have an adventure!”

The family-up-in-the-house love the new puppies too. Today they invited the puppies into the house where they are celebrating a birthday party for their grandmother. They tried to be good for a little while but then they jumped up onto the leather sofas, chewed on the pillows and ate lots of little pieces of leftover roast chicken!

When they are around us the puppies are so naughty! They haven’t yet learnt how to respect us and keep their distance! They run underneath our feet and we have to be so careful not to tread on them! Naughty, naughty puppies!!!

Watch out, Meadow ponies! We are being invaded by Chihauhau puppies!

They had better not go near Breezy McCue! We must keep them safe!

Ryan O”Brien.