Today has been the most beautiful day! Even though it is still supposed to be Winter, it feels just like Spring.  The air is warm, the sky is blue and there is hardly a breath of wind!  Excitement, mischief and the smell of Spring are in the air!

White blossom is suddenly blooming on the avenues of flowering pear trees and bees are gathering nectar from the red flowering quince.

Martin the blue crane basks in the sun and gangs of sulphur-crested cockatoos swoop on the paddocks near the house.  High in the branches of the mulberry tree crested pigeons sing and dance, showing off their fine tails while down below Black Currawongs argue over a patch of lawn! What a noisy world!

Freddie and Oscar are amazed to see daffodils for the first time and tiny Oscar looks out on the world and dreams of being brave and fierce. Everything seems possible in Spring, doesn’t it!

Even the old dogs are up to Spring tricks! Maximo wants to be a pup again so he made off with Freddie’s favorite fluffy toy. Freddie was so upset he cried and cried!  Eventually Maximo realized the game had gone too far and gave the fluffy toy back.

The only one not getting too excited about the Spring is old Tuxedo Junction. He is now thirty-four years old and knows that there can still be wintry days ahead. He is content to bask in the sun and get as much rest as possible. He reminds all the Meadow folk that he has seen snow and ice on the Meadow in September. “I think I’ll just keep my nice winter rug on, just in case!” he says.

I love Spring! Somehow it always takes me by surprise. How does Spring make you feel?

Ryan O’Brien