It has been a very happy week on the Meadow. The bush fires are out and the skies are blue again.  We can’t forget those wild, smoke-filled days – at least not yet – but we definitely feel that things are getting back to normal again and we are ready for some fun!

Vincent Currawong is back on the verandah in the mornings asking for delicious food scraps. Snoopy, the leader of the Meadow dogs, lies back and smiles, just because he feels like smiling and Kipper is working on some very exciting holes in the lawn! He knows he won’t get into big trouble!

We gallop together around the paddocks pretending we are in a race and Pippy has lovely back scratches on the branches of the young plane tree. Risotto gets as dusty as he can in his special rolling hole and Jodie-Lee Usherwood is full of mischief – looking for oats in the feed shed!

By far and away the happiest thing that happened this week was being visited by children from Tangara School in Mittagong. They had come to know me in a book and wanted to visit me on the Meadow to find out if I was really real, if I really loved carrots and if I really was the smallest horse of all!

When their little blue bus reached the curved stone-walls decorated with balloons they knew they had reached the Meadow.

What a lovely morning we had! The children came to meet us in the paddock and a very nice boy wearing a broad brimmed hat recognised little Monty Malone, the little spotted pony who had only recently come to the Meadow. “Look! There’s Monty Malone!” he said.

Then we all spent some quiet time in the indoor arena saying hello and being kind to each other. The children patted Risotto’s beautiful long mane and watched him trot and canter around the arena.

At the end of the morning the children climbed back into their little blue bus. I came to the bus door to say a special good-bye!

Meeting new friends, visiting new places and learning about the world makes me very, very happy.

What makes you happy?

Ryan O’Brien.