Every year, when the sun burns hot, cicadas sing and bush flies buzz in clouds around our heads, Something Special happens.

The Meadow folk love to celebrate this Something Special! They all come home on holidays and gather together to sing and laugh. They carry a young fir tree into their house and fill it with little lights and a brightly coloured star. They dress the Meadow dogs up in decorations and invite them to their feast. Snoopy eats so much ham he has to rest on the brown leather sofa and Kipper explores mugs for left over milky tea!

After their big feast the Meadow folk come out of their house and stroll across the paddocks, stopping to pat us and give us carrots. They seem to be so very happy and not at all in a hurry. Visitors come and introduce themselves to us. They kneel down on the grass to nuzzle us and let us kiss their smooth, pink faces. Humans are funny in this way. The have long flowing manes but hardly any hair on their faces!

Hooray for the Meadow folk and this Special Time of the year!  As they greet each other, hug each other and sing in their funny high voices, the words they say over and over again is “Happy Christmas!”  We, Meadow ponies and Meadow dogs, don’t quite understand what “Christmas” means but we certainly know how wonderful it is to be happy.

Do you know what “Christmas” means?

Ryan O’Brien