It has been a busy week on the Meadow.

Beautiful blue wisteria flowers are heavy on the vine, the Meadow folk have been trimming the hedges and young Ravel has gone to stay a while at Tony Priestley’s farm so he can learn to fly over jumps like a bird!

The Meadow dogs have had their share of excitement too!  Early yesterday morning, visitors – human, horse and dogs- came to the Meadow. The  dogs were dressed in special outfits as it was still quite chilly. Tornado and Graham, the South Coast Dogs, wore Tartan and Black and the Penrose Dogs, Margaret-Rose and Billy, wore matching Pink outfits.

Maximo, the Meadow dog with the very fine tail, was  impressed with their smart clothes. He asked politely if he could play and followed them around hoping they would let him join in. He thought they must be the best dogs in the world to have such fine clothes. He wanted to be just like them.

But the South Coast Dogs were not friendly and told Maximo to go away. Tornado said, “We can only play with you if you are properly dressed” and Graham just ignored him. Margaret-Rose was not nasty and rude but she did explain that when you are dressed in a princess outfit you cannot play rough and tumble with Meadow dogs. She said, “I have to sit quietly and look very, very beautiful!”

Maximo felt sad and left out. When the South Coast Dogs and the Penrose Dogs had all gone home Maximo  had a long chat with Old Snoopy. Old Snoopy is the leader of the Meadow Dogs and knows the answer to most things.

Maximo told Snoopy that he wanted to have a set of fine dog clothes so that the next time the South Coast Dogs and Penrose dogs visited they would let him play. Snoopy smiled like a wise old dog and said “What a load of old osso-bucco bones!” which is a dogs way of saying “What a load of rubbish!”

Snoopy said, “The best thing about being a dog is NOT having to wear silly clothes! You are free to feel the grassy ground under your belly and the sun and breeze upon you back! And there is nothing to get in the way of wonderful doggy games like Tumble-Pup and Stretch!”

Maximo realized that wearing just your own fur really was quite wonderful and much more fun than looking good in a new tartan outfit. He spent the rest of the day playing on the Meadow with his true friends, the Meadow dogs, none of whom liked wearing fancy clothes!

When it is  cold it is good to wear a warm coat but most of the time I just love to feel the warmth of the sun on my back. I am happiest in my very own black fur!

Do fine clothes make you happy?

Ryan O’Brien