Poor little Mimi La Boom was very sick today and all the Meadow ponies, Meadow dogs and Meadow folk were worried about her. We first realized that Mimi was sick when she started rolling and rolling on her back with her little legs kicking up in the air. We knew she wasn’t playing because she.. read more →

The Meadow is my home and I think it is the very best place to be, but sometimes it is really nice to go exploring in the Big Wide World. There are so many wonderful things to see and so many new friends to meet on the Open Road. Today, Elie-Rose climbed into the saddle.. read more →

As one year passes and a new one comes along, we realize we are all getting that little bit older. Some of us are now so old we have lost count of the number of times we have welcomed in the New Year. I am turning twenty-three years old. Tuxedo Junction, the oldest of the.. read more →

Every year, when the sun burns hot, cicadas sing and bush flies buzz in clouds around our heads, Something Special happens. The Meadow folk love to celebrate this Something Special! They all come home on holidays and gather together to sing and laugh. They carry a young fir tree into their house and fill it.. read more →

The Meadow is usually a very peaceful place.  We try to get along with each other but sometimes, just sometimes, we upset each other. This morning little Freddie, the Chihauhau with the very long legs, lost his beautiful smile. He was so unhappy. One moment Freddie was having a game of Tumble-Pup with Maximo, the.. read more →

There have been Wild Storms on the Meadow this last week. In the morning the skies were blue but by mid-afternoon giant clouds come rolling in from the west full of thunder and lightning. Snoopy, the leader of the Meadow dogs, is the first to know a storm is coming. He can smell it in.. read more →

The best thing about growing up is making friends. When I was a little foal I thought I should only make friends with other horses and ponies who were just like me!  Since I came to live on the Meadow sixteen years ago I realised that I could be a friend to many other creatures… read more →

It has been a very happy week on the Meadow. The bush fires are out and the skies are blue again.  We can’t forget those wild, smoke-filled days – at least not yet – but we definitely feel that things are getting back to normal again and we are ready for some fun! Vincent Currawong.. read more →

  Over the last few days wild bush fires have been burning in the Northern townships of  the Highlands. People have loaded their horses into horse floats and driven away from the fires and native birds have flown to safety. Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Black Ravens, Pink Gallahs and a pretty pair of little Mountain Lorikeets have.. read more →

It has been a busy week on the Meadow. Beautiful blue wisteria flowers are heavy on the vine, the Meadow folk have been trimming the hedges and young Ravel has gone to stay a while at Tony Priestley’s farm so he can learn to fly over jumps like a bird! The Meadow dogs have had.. read more →

What an exciting day it’s been on the Meadow! After a week of fierce winds, which brought branches of the ally-way trees crashing to the ground, the wind finally dropped. Just as well! Today the beautiful, shining Melbourne Cup, the trophy of the most famous race in Australia, was coming to the Bong Bong racetrack.. read more →

When Breezy McCue was younger she used to canter proudly around the competition arena, all shining and golden.  Her young rider, Mary, was so proud of her! Eleven summers came and went.  Mary grew up and Breezy McCue grew old, so she was retired to the Big Green Meadow. There she now spends her days.. read more →

  Tuxedo Junction is 34 years old, which is very, very old for a horse.  He loves his lucerne hay, his nice warm rug, napping on sunny days and nibbling on a sweet carrot. Most of all he loves his Peace and Quiet. The Meadow ponies and Meadow dogs understand that Tuxedo Junction needs his.. read more →

Everyone has been very busy today on the Meadow, except for little Monty Malone who spent all morning basking in the beautiful Spring sunshine! Margaret and Sally decided it was a perfect day to give Tuxedo Junction a nice tidy up. First they brushed out his shaggy winter coat and then they gave him a.. read more →

There’s a new horse on the Meadow and all the Meadow ponies are very excited.  His name is Seni Luis and he has come all the way from Spain. He is a beautiful mahogany brown in color and has a long shiny black mane and tail. He is a clever dressage horse and often travels.. read more →

Today has been the most beautiful day! Even though it is still supposed to be Winter, it feels just like Spring.  The air is warm, the sky is blue and there is hardly a breath of wind!  Excitement, mischief and the smell of Spring are in the air! White blossom is suddenly blooming on the.. read more →

Today has been a very special day for me. I have been given a job to do and it has brought back many, many beautiful memories! Jacob Quigley, who is a very polite young boy, came to the Meadow today and asked me if I could teach him to ride. Of course I said, “Yes!”.. read more →

  Saturday morning on the Meadow was cold as ice. As a tiny full moon set away in the West we woke up to a world all frosty and white. Vincent, the Black Currawong, called out from the very top of the stable block, “Hurry up sun! Hurry up sun!”  With manes still covered in.. read more →

  Freddie and Oscar are the best of friends but Freddie can sometimes be mean to little Oscar. He plays tricks on him and tries to get him into trouble. Today, when grandfather let the chickens out of their coop, Freddie chased them and chased them until they were running scared. Maximo heard the commotion.. read more →

  On Wednesday morning Tim Barnes, the horse dentist, came to the Meadow. He comes once a year to check up on our teeth. He likes to give them “A nice clean up all round.” We, Meadow horses and Meadow ponies, like Tim very much because he is a kind and gentle dentist. And, we.. read more →