When Breezy McCue was younger she used to canter proudly around the competition arena, all shining and golden.  Her young rider, Mary, was so proud of her!

Eleven summers came and went.  Mary grew up and Breezy McCue grew old, so she was retired to the Big Green Meadow. There she now spends her days grazing and resting, in the company of Old Painter. Breezy and Painter are like an old married couple. They love each other very much but have arguments from time to time!

This weekend something remarkable happened! The Meadow folk called out to Breezy and she came trotting up, happy to know she was needed again! She was given a piece of carrot, a slice of bread and one sugar cube. Then Breezy McCue was brought up to the stables and given a bath with purple shampoo. Breezy knew that a bath with purple shampoo meant something exciting was about to happen! She even wondered whether she was going to a show!

Breezy wasn’t going to a show.  She was going to have a ride, the first in over a year! Mary was home on holidays and thought it would be a lovely thing to ride her beautiful Breezy again.

Mary gave Breezy a gentle ride for just twenty minutes around the indoor arena where the surface of sand and woodchip was soft for Breezy to walk on. Breezy stretched her neck and relaxed her back, quickly remembering all she knew about carrying her rider. Both she and Mary had a smile on their faces!

At the end of the ride Breezy lay down on the outside sand arena and rolled like a young filly, all four legs kicking up in the air! Monty Malone came rushing up to see what was happening. “Hey look everyone! Breezy McCue is back in action!” But Monty Malone can be cheeky sometimes and must have also said something to upset Breezy because Breezy needed to have a stern word with him. Oh dear! I do hope he didn’t say something rude about her being over weight! Don’t mess with Breezy McCue, little Monty! She won’t put up with rudeness!

When Breezy McCue went back to the Big Green Meadow Old Painter was very happy to see her. He made quite a fuss over her. He wasn’t used to being left all on his own and had felt quite lonely. I’m sure Breezy told him all about the goings on over their dinner of lucerne hay.

It’s nice sometimes to go back and do something again, especially when it brings back so many lovely memories. Is there something you would like to go back and do?

Ryan O’Brien.