Ryan O’Brien wins as our favourite!

Hi Kathleen,

Just want to let you know how much our children and teachers have loved engaging with the Ryan O’Brien book series throughout the year.

I work with Anja Kasteleiner and ever since she introduced your books to our preschool children – they have become addicted! Some even know the words by heart of the books! See page 2 of the attached Parent newsletter as we have included a short article on the series with our families.

Thank you again for donating the books, they have served a strong purpose in helping to extend on our teaching of important social issues.

Regards and have a great day,
Michelle Bouabaid and team at All Star Early Learners

Excerpt from All Star Early Learners eNewsletter - September 2013

Excerpt from All Star Early Learners eNewsletter – September 2013

All Star Early Learning

All Star Early Learning


The Ryan O’Brien series deal with the common psychological problems and difficulties faced by children and adults. These issues include identity, self esteem, loss, sadness, jealousy, depression, emotional trauma, bullying and being different.

These beautifully illustrated books allow children to explore these areas in a non threatening way. I have these books in my waiting room and our children’s ward. I enthusiastically recommend the Ryan O’Brien books for all parents, grandparents, teachers, counsellors, child psychologists and paediatricians.

Dr Richard Hart
Director of Paediatrics
Bowral District Hospital

At Equine Time we use Dr. Bokey’s books about Ryan O’Brien and the Meadow Ponies as an adjunct to our groundwork sessions with horses to help children and young people develop skills to solve their problems.

We have found that the children love these stories and ask for them time and time again.  The stories assist children to find the words to express their emotional experience.  In Equine Time sessions the children build on these stories to create stories about their own interactions with the  Equine Time horses.  These skills then assist them to share their own story.

Lynette Toms, Psychologist, Equine Time