Freddie and Oscar are the best of friends but Freddie can sometimes be mean to little Oscar.

He plays tricks on him and tries to get him into trouble.

Today, when grandfather let the chickens out of their coop, Freddie chased them and chased them until they were running scared. Maximo heard the commotion and leapt up to see what was happening. He was worried that Mr Fox had come around in broad daylight!

When Maximo arrived Freddie stood perfectly still and lied. “It wasn’t me chasing the chickens. It was Oscar!”

Maximo, Kipper and Snoopy took young Oscar aside and told him that he was a very naughty puppy. “You must not chase the chickens! It is one of the Meadow rules!” They were very kind but firm with him and made him promise never to do it ever again!  All the while naughty Freddie looked on and let Oscar take the blame. Oscar didn’t dobb on Freddie because he didn’t want Freddie to get into trouble. I wonder how Oscar was feeling?

Then Freddie played another trick on Oscar!  I saw it all because I was close by in the yards with Monty Malone and Mimi La Boom!

He climbed up onto a pile of metal dust and said, “Come on Oscar! Come play with me!” At first he played nicely, especially while grandfather was working nearby. But when no one was watching he quickly bit Oscar on the ear! Oscar ran away down the pile of metal dust. He said, “I don’t want to play with you, Freddie! You’re not a very nice friend! You lied about the chickens and then you bit me on the ear! I’m out of here!”

Poor little Oscar! Freddie has a lot to learn about being a good friend, doesn’t he! Luckily the older Meadow dogs are there to teach the pups about important things like friendship. Good old Snoopy saw how upset little Oscar was. He took the two little pups aside and gave them a quiet talking to. “Friendship means kindness, little pups and kindness makes for a good friendship!” He decided to supervise the pups closely for a while, just to make sure they were getting on!

Are you a kind friend?

Ryan O’Brien!