Tuxedo Junction, the Oldest and Wisest Horse of All, says that late Autumn sunshine is full of magic. He follows the sun across the Meadow and stands for hours in the far paddock shining like a golden statue. He tells us that sunshine makes him feel happy and healthy and reminds him of when he was a little foal.

He tells us “You must all catch the magic of the Autumn sun because soon winter will be upon us!”

We respect Tuxedo Junction very much so we do what he tells us. He knows just about everything. He is now 33 years old so he must be filled with the magic of 33 Autumns !!

Right now, all of us Meadow folk are busy seeking out the magic of the Autumn sun. The special light dances on our shoulders as we trot across the fields.  Tutenkhamun, the rooster, and his hens bask in the warmth as they scratch the black earth looking for worms. Kipper, Snoopy and Maximo, the puppy with the very fine tail, sit in their bean-bags on the verandah, catching the very last rays of the setting autumn sun. Tuxedo Junction says, “The last rays of sunshine are the most magical!”

It’s so funny. When the sun has finally set and it is time to have dinner and go to bed, Snoopy refuses to leave his bean bag. He is so warm and snug, so dreamy and happy, he refuses to get out of his bean bag. He refuses to waddle down the long drive to the stables where his dinner of yummy osso-bucco awaits him and where he and his brothers will sleep curled up together on their pile of colorful blankets. “Come on Snoopy! Come on! It’s time for dinner and bed!”

Because Snoopy is now 13 years old, which is quite old for a dog, Kathleen feels sorry for him and decides to carry him down to the stables. Snoopy is happy about this because it makes him feel very special. Kipper and Maximo want to be carried too but Kathleen tells them that they don’t need carrying and gives them an extra tickle and a pat so they can feel special too.

Do you know how to catch the Autumn Magic?

Oh, by the way!  Some of the Autumn magic has rubbed off on Ravel. He has become such a lovely young horse and has stopped biting. He is now good as gold! Hooray!!!

Ryan O’Brien.