The Meadow is my home and I think it is the very best place to be, but sometimes it is really nice to go exploring in the Big Wide World. There are so many wonderful things to see and so many new friends to meet on the Open Road.

Today, Elie-Rose climbed into the saddle and we all went exploring along the country roads.

First of all we met a very pretty goat with floppy brown ears. She seemed very polite indeed and bleated at us as we went past. I don’t speak goat so I don’t quite know what she was trying to say to me.

Then we saw a white alpaca, who had just had his woolly coat shorn off. He was quite shy and wouldn’t come over to the fence to say hello.

We met two shaggy dogs who barked very loudly and a young Currawong who was learning to sing.

We saw a wombat’s burrow by the side of the road and met some very friendly horses.

We saw little twin black calves with their mother and we saw a herd of dairy cows. They had just been milked and were very hungry.

We found some strange, brown toadstools growing in the grass. They looked poisonous so I knew we must not eat them!

Finally we saw a big old gum tree all covered in moss. I am sure I could see a face with eyes in the bark of that old tree!

When we arrived back at the Meadow I had so many things to tell the other Meadow ponies. Little Monty Malone was very excited to hear that there was a goat living close by. He said he had heard about goats before and would love to meet one. I promised he could come on the next adventure.

I was so tired after my walk in the Big Wide World I had a lovely lie down on the Meadow.

Have you been on a big adventure? What did you discover?

Ryan O’Brien