There’s a new baby puppy on the Meadow. Most of us are very excited and happy but Maxi, the puppy with a very fine tail, does not know how he should behave towards him. He has always been the youngest of the Meadow dogs and is unhappy that another little dog will be taking his place.

The new puppy is a Chihuahua and is only 3 months old. Mary found him in a pet store at Bondi Junction in the City and fell in love with his beautiful kind eyes. She brought him back to the Meadow so that he could be brought up by Kipper, Snoopy and Maximo, the three happy dogs. She knew they had so much to teach him!

The  puppy is called Freddie. When he first arrived he stood all alone with his shadow feeling very, very, worried. He thought to himself, “Will anyone play with me?

Snoopy looked down on him and wondered whether he was really a rat because he was so small. Maximo looked at him with jealous eyes and told him that he was not allowed to sit on the horse rugs with him!

Freddie tried so hard to make friends with the Meadow dogs. He followed them around everywhere saying, “Let’s play” but they ignored him.

Finally, Edie, who knows all about dogs, sat down on the concrete floor in front of the stables and introduced Freddie to all the dogs. In a gentle voice she said,
“Now, my darling Penrose dogs and Meadow dogs, I would like you to meet Freddie, the baby Chihuahua! I want you to be very kind to him. You must teach him everything you know and keep him safe.” Maximo watched on and listened carefully to what Edie said.

Edie understood that Maximo was feeling jealous of Freddie, so she spent extra time with Maximo, patting him on his tummy and reassuring him that she loved him very, very much.

After this Maximo tried to be kind to Freddie. He watched over him and told him “Don’t go near the horses’ feet, or you’ll get squashed!” and he even gave him one of his old osso bucco bones to chew on.

It will take some time for Maximo to get over his jealous feelings, but at least he has stopped growling at Freddie and is trying to be kind! And I know that soon the Meadow dogs will truly love Freddie and start to include him in all their adventures!

Have you ever had a new baby come to live at your place?

Ryan O’ Brien