The first week of April is medicine time on the Meadow. All of us Meadow horses and ponies must have our worming paste so the bot worms of late summer don’t make us sick in the tummy. Most of us are used to having our medicine and don’t make a big fuss.

After he had his worming paste, Risotto had his new blue rug fitted.  We all congratulated him on having a nice new coat and told him he looked very handsome.

The three happy dogs are not so good at taking their worming tablets. As soon as Kipper heard the scrunching noise of the packet of tablets opening, he slunk away and hid in his pile of blankets. “Please, please, I don’t want to have medicine!” he said.

Kathleen was very clever. She cut little pieces of yummy meat and buried the tablets in the pieces. Then she called out in a big voice, “Yummy meat, puppies!” and all the dogs came running for their treat. Kipper was still suspicious because he could smell the medicine but Maximo showed the way and swallowed the meat (and worming tablet) in one gulp!

It is hard to take medicine sometimes but we all know it is important to keep us healthy.

Ryan O’Brien